On the cusp of completing his latest theater piece, a puppeteer finds himself dissatisfied with the state of his art. As he stumbles through the creative process of developing a new piece, he realizes that in order to create a better show he will need to enhance his control over both his puppet skills and his people skills. But as his search for perfection grows, so too does the artist's self-assurance, tempting him to transcend to a higher level.

"A beautifully staged production. The puppetry enacted by the cast was, indeed, splendid and not just a little charming" -- obscene jester

EGO credits & thanks

written & directed by
David Michael Friend

[with story assistance from Stuart Cudlitz]
original music by
Claire Cowan
lighting designer
Alison Brummer
movement direction by
David Rossetti
costumes by
Sarah Lafferty
stage manager
Prisilla Siregar
Jonathan Farmer (as Ego)
Ora Fruchter
Heather Gargon
Sarah Lafferty
Serra Hirsch
Alissa Hunnicutt
David Rossetti
Seth-Tanner Slick

special thanks for their help in the development of this show, whether it be performing in workshops, figuring out puppet mechanics, script notes or how to rig a curtain to float around stage: Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith, John Ardolino, Emily DeCola, Jonathan Farmer, Siobhan Harris, Serra Hirsch, Sarah Lafferty, Peter McCabe, David Rossetti & Leslie Strongwater

Ego was deveoloped as part of the HERE Arts Center's residency program and supported with a generous grant from the The Jim Henson Foundation and the ongoing support of the Materials for the Arts

photograph by Siobhan Harris/Bellwether Studio (c)2008