from the portfolio of David Michael Friend

High Stakes Tuna


This was one of a series of web commercials for City Harvest's "Rescue Food" campaign in which various types of foods (tuna in this case) are rescued from "everyday" dire situations. Each commercial in the campaign was executed by a different artist and featured a variety of animation techniques.

Styleframe for the look and feel of the spot

The piece was shot with multiple SLR cameras while puppeteers went through the motions at a slow pace. The result is a stop-motion look, but done in a fraction of the time.

The set being assembled prior to shooting

The set was made up mostly of found objects. The producer and I scoured the flea markets and dumpsters of NYC to acquire the elements you see in the set. The props were all hand-made to fit the size of the characters (sometimes three sizes depending on the shot, as was the case of the tuna's cards). Many of the driving elements were animated in post; most notibly the facial expressions of the gangsters and tuna.

Initial character designs for the three gangsters

A mighty "thank you" to everyone involved that donated their time and talent for this piece.


City Harvest / DraftFCB